LOVE Media Group was founded on the idea that we can make the world a little better by donating 10% of our time to help worthy nonprofits to do great things in our community, and by choosing to work exclusively with brands who care.

We also believe that what gets measured gets done, so we are announcing today the launch of the 1M Project.

The 1M Project is our internal effort to give away/help give away $1 Million to worthy causes across the country. So what does this look like?

Step 1: the donation of our time/efforts.

We are committing to give away 10% of our time to help local nonprofits who are everything to do great things in our community and our underfunded or or just starting up, and cannot afford to hire a fancy digital agency to help them succeed reach their audience, until their message story.

Step 2: Partnering with our clients.

By choosing to work with clients who are giving back, we can help those clients tell their story. Not just the story of the products and services that they sell/provide but also to create a culture around their brand that is is meaningful.

We know that if we combine efforts with our clients, we can make this very lofty goal a reality. As a tiny agency we will certainly be starting small, but we have big goals and we plan to achieve those goals and help these nonprofit organizations to make our world a little better.

We’ve already begun working with our first select nonprofit, The Blue Family Fund – helping the families of first responders. And in the upcoming months we will announce efforts to select the next beneficiary of these efforts.

We are thrilled and excited that this is part of our agency’s DNA, and the core of our company’s culture will be base around this effort.

As this efforts start to gain momentum our goal is to share the effectiveness and keep everyone updated as to how we’re doing. We certainly know it will take a wild to get to this number but we’ve got to start somewhere, and today, we start.

By: Jeff Gerred
LOVE Media Group

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