Long before there was a LOVE Media Group, there were a couple other flags that we flew but through it all, Stacy and Michael Magovern were clients of ours. We have always worked together to create first-in-class branding for Point Blank Safety Services.

Point Blank started when Stacey had the idea to fix a problem that existed for police officers to find reliable off-duty work. We were there to help the branding, and website, and to make sure that very high-level branding would help them stand out from their competitors.

We have been delighted to see their massive success as Point Blank has become the leader in their industry. From that success comes a heart to give back, that manifest itself through the formation of the nonprofit – Blue Family Fund.

The Blue Family Fund is especially important to us at LOVE Media Group because it was founded out of the success of Point Blank and their awesome founders, Stacey and Micheal Magovern.

The Blue Family Fund is a 501c3 that raises funds to support the dependents of Law Enforcement Officers everywhere. The nonprofit has two primary focuses,

1. providing financial assistance for families of fallen Law Enforcement Officers and 2. Raise funds for higher education scholarships for dependents of Law Enforcement Officers.

The Blue Family Fund is backed by Point Blank financially through the efforts of the Point Blank team.

The Blue Family Fund promise is that 100% of donations go to help families of first responders, and any administrative cost or marketing costs, are paid for out of Point Blank – so it’s a true heart to give to first responders.

In a large way these two organizations Point Blank, and Blue Family Fund are the exact model that we want to present to new clients that have a heart to follow this path, but don’t know exactly how to make it happen. Stacey is an awesome resource to guide others through this process.

As long time supporters, we, here at LOVE Media Group, found it only fitting that the Blue Family Fund be our first partner in our quest to give away 1 million dollars. We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with the board members of this nonprofit.

We are very excited about the future for Point Blank,  Blue Family Fund, and LOVE Media Group, as we work together to make the world a little better.

By: Jeff Gerred

LOVE Media Group

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